one's ability to meet a challenge or face a demanding situation in a
spirited and resilient way

syn.: courage, fortitude, bravery, valor, guts, grit

"the team showed their true mettle in the second half"

Weather not cooperating this week? 

Call or text to rent all cages for team indoor practice.  (641) 954-5868

Discounts available when booking multiple sessions.

Is your mom tired of you winding up pitches in the kitchen? Rent a cage for an indoor pitching practice

Purchase an annual membership for a single athlete or your entire family. Reserve a cage when it suits your schedule---for free! Get a discount on lessons, camps & clinics, party rentals, hitting leagues, apparel & more. 

Your team of 4 players competes against other local teams indoors during the cold fall & winter months on digital MLB fields using HitTrax technology. Join a league during the off-season -- or you can even compete vs. teams nationwide! If you have a relative or friend in another part of Iowa or a different state, let us know to set it up!




Get your practice swings in before your game! Rent a cage for an hour indoor hitting session