Next-level training with instant feedback

Train and have fun with friends at the same time!

Softball and Baseball pitching machines available

Hitting Leagues are the ultimate way for players to get more At-Bats in a competitive game environment.

Games are played using the HitTrax system which simulates a game in any MLB stadium of your choice, with the size scaled down based on the age level of the players. Teams of 4 battle for 6 innings or 25 min, whichever comes first. League standings are kept as well as individual statistics for all teams.
Playoffs are held at the end of the season with prizes for the champions. (Little League Age+)

3 ways to sign up:

  1. Start a new team
    (4-5 players)

  2. Sign up as a free agent

  3. Sign up as part of team

The next Mettle League will start in January! There will be 4 weeks of regular season doubleheaders every week, ending in December with a playoff week to decide the champion.




HitTrax is so much more than just a training aid. From home run derbies to full 9-inning games, HitTrax unlocks a new level of competition in a batting cage.

Play a variety of games with friends, or go head-to-head with players in other locations by connecting with any HitTrax enabled facility via Online Play.

How it Works

  • Register your team

  • Commit to 5 weeks of off-season fun. Show up for your gametime, schedules will be posted on this website OR text/emailed to you.

  • Games will be doubleheaders, each game limited to 6 innings or 30 minutes, for a total of one hour

  • All teams make the playoffs in the last week of the season and prizes will be awarded to the league champion.

  • We will make every effort to accommodate busy schedules.

  • The hitters play a real game including balls, strikes, outs, singles, doubles, home runs, etc.

  • Hack Attack pitching machines OR a coach will throw a moderate speed for the age bracket from behind a screen to the hitters.

DEFENDING Fall Hittrax hitting league

7-8U The crushers (6-0-2)

10-12U albia thunder (5-2-1)

14U+ dirt bags (5-2-1)

HIGH SCHOOL otown bulldogs (9-1-2)

Congratulations to the winners!

Thank you to all the teams that participated!

Join us again this winter to warm up before the baseball and softball seasons kick off!
Registration is OPEN!